Every yoga session is made to measure: to fit the person, the season, the time of day... This is my aim: to allow you to find your yoga within. The sessions are tailor-made to suit your needs: raising awareness, replenishing on energy, bringing your inner quietness to the surface, practicing inner contentment, heightening concentration, relieving stress... The techniques - originally from India - are old and simple and they will allow you to reconnect with your inner peace. I love teaching small groups and individuals, in order to shape the session around every body's wishes and limitations. Most sessions will start with a short quiet moment, followed by a series of asanas (postures) with clear breathing instructions and will end with relaxation (guided śavāsana) or a preparation to meditation. 

I run workshops: on Yoga and Meditation, on Chakras and Well-Being, on Project Management the Yogic Way (meditation, creativity and discipline, to manage stress and avoid burn-out) 

Yoga Journal, 52 themed weeks, covering the yamas, niyamas, kleshas, chakras and weekly inspiration for your logbook, journal or diary. You can order your copy with: The ideal gift for a yoga practitioner!

Bio: after 25 years in the corporate world, my time had come to see eye to eye with the all invasive stress and burn-out I was witnessing in and around me. Mindfulness was the answer and yoga offered the path. I followed my yoga teacher training at Byron Yoga Centre, in Byron Bay, Australia, this beautiful spot in nature, between the fathomless ocean and the overwhelming rainforest. Further studies as yoga therapist allowed me to fine-tune the yoga sessions more precisely to different illnesses and constitutions (Ayurveda Hospital Retreat in Coonoor, India). The message became clearer and clearer in my life: yoga is there for every one for every day. My mission is to lower the threshold to yoga for as many people as possible within my local community. I now live in Lota (Brisbane's bayside) and ultimately hope to inspire other yoga teachers to work locally at grassroots level.            
I have recently added Yin yoga classes to my schedule, as I find that this style allows me to focus better in the here and the now. Through the deeper stretches of Yin yoga, the body and the mind come to a perfectly balanced state of being. It feels like balm for the nerves!

My teachers:

  • Yin yoga: Jo Phee 
  • Yoga therapy: Ganesh, Dr Senthil and Dr Sundar at Ayurveda Hospital Retreat in Coonoor, India
  • Lila, John Ogilvie at Byron Yoga Centre
  • Orit-Sen Gupta founder of Vijnana Yoga (practicing from inside)
  • Björn Prins at Itam (mindfulness training)
  • Atma Muni, Suman, Dharma Muni at Shri Yogeshwarananda Yoga Mahavidyalaya (Mechelen, Belgium)

 For some insights and first hand observations: Article by EJ Daniel



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